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Custom Auto-Enter Serial Number "Text + Serial"

Question asked by wilchin on Feb 5, 2013
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Custom Auto-Enter Serial Number "Text + Serial"


     Hi all,

     Need some help in custom Auto Enter Serial Number.

     My Serial Number field contain:

     AA0001, AA0002, AA0003, AA0004 .........

     BB0001, BB0002, BB0003, BB0004 .........

     CC0001, CC0002, CC0003, CC0004.........


     2 Alphabets in front represent my branch code, all serial is recorded in just one field and it must be.

     Currently is typed-in mannually, it's quite troublesome and slow when creating new record.

     It's there a way to tell the auto-enter serial to input my branch code base on another "field" or "Accountname?

     Each Branch will have their own serial running from 0001 as you can see above....

     Thx in advance~