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    Custom Checkbox Issue



      Custom Checkbox Issue


           Hi Everyone,

           I'm creating an advicement form where there are multiple fields, and a "Completed" checkbox for each of these fields.  I would like to use only one checkbox, and that should read "Complete" when checked, next to the field on a report.

           If the checkbox is not checked, however, the report should automatically, in red, read "Requirement Not Satisfied" or "Incomplete" or whatever...  My issue is, having only one checkbox "Complete", how do I automatically have the report to read "Incomplete" (in red) if that checkbox is unchecked?


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               Method 1:

               Put red layout text on your layout to read what you want it to read. Use this expression in a conditional format:

               Not IsEmpty (YourTable::YourCheckboxField )

               Set a font size for the conditional font that is about 120+ points in size and the layout text will be invisible when the check box is selected.

               Method 2:

               Define a calculation field:

               IsEmpty ( YourCheckboFieldHere ; "Incomplete...." )

               Clear the "do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" check box and select text as your result type. Put this field on your layotu with the color and format you want on your layout to show the message you want when the box is not checked.

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                 Make your checkbox set based on a value list with only one value:  "Complete".

                 Have a separate calculated field whose definition (result is Text) is:

                 Case (CheckboxField = "Complete" ; "" ; "Incomplete" )

                 Put the calc field on your layout in red.


                 ...got distracted and Phil beat me to it...

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                   Fantastic!  Exactly what I needed, and in a number of different ways.


                   Thank you both so much!