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Custom dialog - pre-enter and error checking. FM10.

Question asked by groovebox on Apr 8, 2009
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Custom dialog - pre-enter and error checking. FM10.


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OK - I am doing a multi-user solution - and for a couple of places I'd like to really lock down the error checking as much as possible. I read somewhere in the ether that you can create a custom dialog/window with some fields that allow the user to enter some data and then click (something like) a Submit button - do some error checking and if all OK add the record to the database.


But I also heard that to begin with you need to create a new record BEFORE you display the dialog/window and run the error checking.


I do have other error checking in place which works fine and I am not trying to lock this down 100% (because you can't!) - but it sort of intrigued me and I could see 2 places in my solution where it would be quite handy.


I had a look through previous posts - but if anyone has a link to a past post it would be appreciated.