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    Custom Dialog Box - format response query



      Custom Dialog Box - format response query


      With a Custom Dialog box, once the user has entered a response, how does one reformat the response, so that if User input an amount e.g.23 it is change to be printed as 23.00€.  I can't identify what vvarible name the system uses to store response 1, 2 or 3 in a Custom Dialog.  With the name of the variable one can reformat the value, but cant identify the variable name


      If it makes any different, the working environment is Windows 8.2 desktop on FM Adv Pro 12.


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          The input field boxes are associated to the fields, not variables and you select those fields when setting up the Custom dialog script step.

          If the field you specify is shown on the layout, that field can have data formatting options specified in the inspector to give it a currency format.

          Or you might want to use New Window and a layout designed for the dialog in place of show custom dialog so that you can put the formatting right into the "dialog layout".