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    Custom Dialog Button Size



      Custom Dialog Button Size


      i have just recently started using custom dialogs and i created a third button label.  everything works fine, but when the script runs and the custom dialog pops up, the third button is not re-sized to fit the text and i cannot see the whole label.  is this normal and i am constrained to 10 or so characters for the label that will fit on the button, or is there a way to adjust the button size to fit the entire label as entered in the custom dialog script step?  thoughts?


      thanks - john h.

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             Yep, that's a normal limitation of the custom dialog. You can make your own custom dialog with the New Window command, but its a bit "clunky". The other alternative is to acquire a plug in that offers more options for a dialog.
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               thanks phil.... i was afraid of that.  in this particular instance i think i will just try to be more succinct, if not more cryptic as well.
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                 What's especially irritating is that the button label boxes in show custom dialog set up allow you to enter a name that is too long for the button, but you won't know that until you run the script and see what the custom dialog looks like.
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                exactly!  that's why i was holding onto a sliver of hope that it might be possible.  alas...


                i just filled out a feature request... keep your fingers crossed! filemaker 11, here we come!

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                  Steve Wright

                  You can increase the button size, with a bit of a hack so to speak..




                  I edited the FMRSRC.dll (under extensions/english/ ) with a resource editor and enlarged the buttons,
                  I also moved them slightly and enlarged the default dialog box size just to give you an idea.  


                  For FMP10 you would open the resource editor with the DLL file, then open the sub-folder Dialog,

                  then locate resource numbers 6606, 6607, 6608 and 6609 (the other three are where fields are present)


                  Its actually very easy to do.  


                  One of my main reasons for editing this was to give a little more 'text' space above the fields. 


                  I suppose if you want to permanently have larger buttons, this would work. 

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                       hey sw,  this is (at least) a little over my head.  but if i understand correctly, this workaround would permanently change the appearance of all custom dialog windows (including the buttons) within filemaker?  i am curious about this approach but i don't even know what a "resource editor" is.  is that part of filemaker?  if so, how do i navigate to it.... if not, where would i get one?  is a resource editor like a browser for resources in that any resource editor would work in the same way that any browser can surf the web?  once you locate the resource numbers you specified usiong the editor, how do you actually change the button size?  do i run any risk of corrupting either my file or my application if i inadvertently enter the wrong thing? very interesting.....  thanks.  curious to learn more.
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                      Steve Wright

                      I didn't even think to check if you where on a mac or windows,

                      I'm a Windows only user, I don't know how you could do it on a mac.


                      Of course, if you are on windows, Yes, this would permanently change the dimensions of ALL custom dialog boxes, of course, I went a little over the top but you could be conservative and tweak it a little. 


                      A dll resource editor is not part of Filemaker, I do however believe there is no problem with editing these files, especially if its only tweaking dimensions a little.  The dll's are described in the FMP Dev guide.


                      I use the same process for changing the application icon. 


                      Anyway, The dll resource editor will unpack this one file and allow you to browse through the resources as you would windows explorer.  looking through files and folders.


                      There's a lot of stuff in there, so yes... you would have to be careful, but to give you an example, changing that dialog box and testing it for a screenshot took me about 30 seconds.


                      Of course it can be like the windows registry... if your not sure, you can do more damage than good.

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                           hey sw, it didn;t occur to me either but i am on a mac.  i tried to at least find the file you mentioned (FMRSRC.dll) and i can't seem to find it or even the folder extensions/english.  perhaps there is a different structure on the mac.  although, i would expect if i knew more, i could find the equivalent folder and file.  i think for my own good i may refrain from experimenting in this regard unless there is a mac user out there who is more advanced than i who can guide me through it.  but i appreciate the reply.  kudos for a clever workaround!
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                               I tried this with FMPA 12 I was able to make the buttons wider but now the Ctrl key does not work in filemaker.

                               anyone have any ideas.

                               if I replce the new dll with a copy of the old one the Ctrl key works again but I don't have wider buttons.