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    Custom Dialog Colour



      Custom Dialog Colour


      Is there a way to change the appearance of a cunstom dialog?


      I would like to have a dark grey  background for a particular dialog and white text on it.


      Am I asking a bit too much?


      thanks for any help. 

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          No, but you might get the new window command to pop up a small window that can work as a custom dialog.


          It takes a bit of careful scripting, but it allows you to use all your layout formatting tools to create the look you want.


          A general out line of the technique:


          Use new window command to pop up the window.

          use script steps to select the layout, hide/lock the task bar, disable user aborts and do any other initialization you need.

          Pause the script.

          Put buttons in your layout that halt, exit or resume your paused script when they are clicked.

          Add code to your scripts to close this window and do any other steps needed to return things to normal.


          Note: for windows user, there's an annoying window resize that happens and you'll need to add some window adjustment steps to minimize this.


          Just learned a new trick, FMP Advanced users can set up a custom menu that modifies the close window command in the file menu to perform a script. You can use this script to set up a script that closes the window and halts the paused script whenever this window is closed. This trick makes the close window control in the upper right corner functional again.

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            Thanks a lot!

            I knew I was a little enthusiastic with the idea.


            It is really interesting concept to have a new window instead of a dialog when we have more then a "do or die" question.