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    Custom Dialog Input Fields Not Working



      Custom Dialog Input Fields Not Working


      I'm building a photo database app for work and the feature I'm currently working on allows for simple renumbering of multiple photos.  The user selects a range of photos to rename and inputs the new number (n) for the first photo in the range into a custom dialog input field (text).  The script then renames the next photo as n+1, and the next one as n+2, etc.  The problem is that the input field isn't working.  I've tried using different types of fields and I can't get them to display anything.  The database uses a single table so it should be fairly straightforward.  I've been using FMP 9 Advanced for several hours a day for a couple of years and have never had this problem before.  I'm currently using FMP 10 (on XP) with the latest updates.