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Custom Dialogue Box Script based on Search Criteria

Question asked by EdSchuerman on Jun 24, 2014
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Custom Dialogue Box Script based on Search Criteria


     In this particular instance I'm using filemaker to log hard drives that are coming in and out of my facility. However, some of these drives need special care, therefore I need a reminder that pops up anytime the barcode of one of these drives is either checked in or checked out so that a user will know to refer to a specific logging process on the physical end of things.
     I'd like a custom dialogue box (or any sort of warning window) to pop up when specific barcodes are typed into the "Scanned Sessions --> CIAO Barcode" search window (In this case we can go with the example "3222994", "3222995", "3222996").
Currently all I have is:
     If (Items::Barcode = "3222994")
     Show Custom DIalog ("Update Travel Drive Master List": "Please update the \"Fancy Travel Drive Master List\"")
     End If
     If I run the script from the Script pull down window after entering in the bar code, the window pops up. But it does not pop up automatically.
     This is also just for the Items area of Filemaker, not the Scanned Sessions.
     Is there anyone who might know the answer to this debacle?
     Thanks in advance for any input!