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Custom Diolog Box problem

Question asked by JoshPoplawski on Jan 17, 2012
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Custom Diolog Box problem


Ok, i've got a new problem now.

I wrote a script that opens a custom diolog box that gievs the user the oportunity to change a date field, a start time field and an end time field. the date field is formated as a date field, and the time fields are formated as time fields. Their are no options set on these three fields.

This script used to work, and i can not think of anything i have changed to the Database that would affect the CDB. I did change the start time and end time fields to dropdown boxes, but even when i change these back it still doesn't work anymore.

when i try to change the times in the CDB i get the "this action can not be performed b/c this field is not modifieable" error.

any ideas?