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Custom Export Options?  CSV export to Google Maps API

Question asked by RobJ on Feb 9, 2011
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Custom Export Options?  CSV export to Google Maps API


My fields: Company, FullAddress, website, phone, long, lat

Example: Bob's Tires, 111 High Street, Orlando, Florida,, 111-222-3334, 0.0, 0.0

However, Google Maps API requires this configuration:

Company,"FullAddress",website,phone,long,lat    (no spaces, no trailng comma, and quotes only around the address)

Google requires this: Bob's Tires,"111 High Street, Orlando, Florida",,111-222-3333,0.0,0.0

When I export to CSV, quotes are added around every field (which Google Maps does not accept).  I created a workaround where I export to Tab Separated with some fields with calculations on tem (i.e. Website & ",") , but that requires opening BBEdit and removing all the 'tabs' with find-and-replace and saving as a .CSV with Unix line breaks.


Does FileMaker allow for a export option to plain text, or some sort of custom export, through a script or otherwise, that will allow me to only add quotes to the FullAddress and have no spaces between the fields or commas, and no trailing comma?  And can it be saved with Unix line breaks?