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    Custom field order in table - wiped out



      Custom field order in table - wiped out


           I had a very organized custom order of fields in my table.  Now it's gone and in alphabetical order.  I believe I know what happened.  I went to alphabetical order to look for a field.  I then created one and moved it.  And, just like that my total organization of 309 fields is gone.

           Other than not repeating what I did is there anyway I can prevent losing a custom field order again?  Can I go to a backup file and replace the order somehow?


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               Not unless you plan to replace the entire file with your back up and then your changes to the defined fields are lost.

               Most developers use a naming convention for their fields such that an alphabetical sort puts the fields into the optimum order for working with them.

               Example: I like to see the primary key listed first, followed by a group of all foreign key fields.

               So I start the name of my Primary key with: "__pk" and foreign key fields with "_fk". The underscores insure that these are listed first when sorting alphabetically and the double underscore puts the pk field ahead of the fk's.

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                 Thanks Phil.  I do use prefixes to keep a certain order.  So, it's not a total nightmare.  But, I just did a bunch of housekeeping cleaning up this file.  I was hoping for an easy fix or prevention.  Live and learn!  Thanks again.