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    Custom Field/Record Access



      Custom Field/Record Access


      I have a table with a field called FLOCKED and have custom record privileges set as follows:

      • View = Yes
      • Edit = Limited (not FLOCKED)
      • Create = Yes
      • Delete = No

      So if a record has been locked (FLOCKED = true) then no one can edit the record but everyone can view.  Works perfectly.  However, I would like to create a privilege set where one user can edit one particular field under the same conditions.  Meaning, if FLOCKED = true, they can view the complete record but can only edit one specific field.

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          Then you will either need to set up a script that edits the field for them--open a dialog, modal window or popover with a global field that permits editing, script copies value into global field when using one of these methods to open up access to the global field, a save button with "run with full access permissions" then copies the edited value back to the field.

          Or you'll need to move that one field into a related table so that the access permssions that control access to it can be different from that of the other fields in the original table.