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Custom find error messages, cancelling finds, custom find layouts?

Question asked by ShaneB on Oct 23, 2013
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Custom find error messages, cancelling finds, custom find layouts?


     Due to how my database works, I'm having users use a replacement search button that, by default, searches the current found set by entering find mode and constraining to found set. This causes a few issues, though, because running it as a script and hiding the top navigation from users makes them unable to cancel the find using the "Cancel Find" button, and keys like Escape don't really do anything. Also it's not always intuitive to hit the Enter key to run the find. Can I make buttons appear in a find to allow users to cancel a search or perform the search?

     Additionally, the find uses the layout from where the find is run from, which has buttons that have no real need to be there during a find. Would I just have to make new layouts without those buttons and have scripts redirect to those layouts before running the find, or is there a way to have buttons/fields appear at all in finds?

     I am also trying to edit my script to deliver a custom error message to users, and allow them to either re-do the search (which just starts the script over again), or cancel the search and return to the found set they were previously looking at. I am not able to figure out how to return them to the found set they came from from a script. Return to browse mode drops me into an empty found set, which I find a little odd.