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Custom Finds

Question asked by beckett85_1 on Apr 12, 2011
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Custom Finds


I'm currently working on a large project for a client and assisting the marketing department with setting sales focus.

The marketing director will have a table which he can set a start date and end date for his marketing team so when the team opens up the list of clients to target it will automatically do a find and show those relating to the sales target information based on the current date. I basically need to take a table of data and instead of importing it into browse mode, i need it imported into find mode!

For example

The marketing director logs on, sets his target table to say for the next month i want you guys to focus on NSW clients who are active (the actual use is based on about 10 different fields), HOWEVER there are going to be over lapping/multiple targets, which is why i'm using a seperate table. Is there an easy way to manipulate

So far i've come up with the following ideas

- Use a large amount of looped variables (yucky)

- Have FM open a second window and flick between the 2 windows, one in find mode and one in browse mode and it will flick between the 2 as it fills in the finds

Anyone have any more simple ideas?

Thanks in advance for any ideas put forth!


Just to let anyone know if this post is stumbled across, i solved it with a loop that fills up a repeating global field, as long as the number of repititions are greater than the number of searches then it works fine :)