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Custom Formatting of Fields

Question asked by kaiviti on Jan 7, 2013
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Custom Formatting of Fields



     When entering data there is a field formatting option for currency, decimal, Boolean, etc.  Is there a way of adding custom formatting styles?  What I am particularly interested is to be able to format my fields for Degrees, Minutes and decimal of minutes.  Eg:  I would like to be able to enter data as 10. 25 and get 10o 12.5’ show up in the field.  If it is not possible to get the full degrees minutes and decimals in one field, then I would like to 10 show up as 10o show in one field and 12.5 show up as 12.5’ in the next field.  Another formatting option I am looking for is to be able to automatically add nm (nautical miles) after the number. Eg: enter 14.75 and get 14.75nm in the field.  Any help on this would be appreciated.