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Custom Importing/Exporting Secured Records

Question asked by JimMac on May 22, 2013
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Custom Importing/Exporting Secured Records


     When defining a remote "cash register" type DB using a HOST type server, the remote database needs to "update" a table with information from a Secured External File, daily.  In scripting the custom order Import, I receive the USER/Password dialog from the External file, even thought I checked "Run script with full access privileges".

     After reading HELP, I found that exception doesn't work with External Files privilege sets.frown


     How can I write a script that will log into the External File automatically, import only a few fields [security not required type], and not reveal the required privilege set's info in the remote "Cash Register" DB file?


     At the end of the day, I want to "Save Records as Snapshot Link.." to a Folder on the HOST computer.   Will that file type .fpsl contain security requirements?  The concept being the Snapshot is like a "Cash Register Tape" after clearing daily receipts.

     FMP11v2  MacOS 10.7.5