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Custom IWP Home Page on Logout

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jun 25, 2012


Custom IWP Home Page on Logout


We have been trying to get a custom home page set up for our IWP solution.  We had been stuck with the default Database Homepage, where it just lists the databases accessible by IWP as links.  We want to show our custom login web page instead.

So in the documentation, which was rather sparse I thought on actual information, I did find this:

If there is no file named iwp_home.html in...the iwp folder (FileMaker Server Advanced), Instant Web Publishing uses the default Database Homepage.

OK, so I tried putting the page we wanted in the location that same documentation refers to, which is: 

Note If you are hosting databases with FileMaker Server Advanced, place the custom home page in the.../Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/IWP folder (Mac OS).

OK, put a copy of our login page there, renamed it "iwp_home.html" and put a 'Logout' button on our IWP page (points to a script which  sets one field and then calls "Exit Application").

When I use the log out button, it MOSTLY goes to this page (there is an image on the web page that doesn't show up; shows 'broken' icon).  However, when I look at the source for this page, it doesn't look anything like the actual HTML page that I put there.  I was trying to find the image path info to try and fix the page.  And also, if I 'reload' the web page, it takes me to the default Database Homepage mentioned.

Anyone have suggestions for how I can get this to work?