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Custom Label Size Print Error -

Question asked by donviper on Feb 15, 2010
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Custom Label Size Print Error -


I started a new thread for the same problem I had. For some reason, when I click on my old thread I get a page cannot be displayed error.


FileMaker Pro version 5.5

Windows XP Pro OS 


So I have this issue where I need to print two of the fields from a record in a database on a label that is 1.25" wide by 0.25" tall. The labels are in a single column and are on a continuous fed roll.


I have attached 3 images showing my original layout with the three layouts available to choose from, label being the one I am trying to print. The second image shows the label layout, even though I specified 1.25" x 0.25" as a custom label size, that's how it looks. The third image is the error I get when trying to print.


We have an existing database already setup that prints on these same size labels from the same computer and it works fine. The reason I need to create a new database is because we need to change one of the fields that are printed and we can't edit the original file that the developer created back in 2002.


Any help is much appreciated and I need to say this for any new brains out there, that I am not a FileMaker Pro developer. I have better than average skills when it comes to computers and applications, but I still need a lot of help with FMP.