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    Custom Labels



      Custom Labels


      Our office uses Filemaker to track events and print pieces such as nametags, place cards, etc.

      Many times, our invited guests can bring a guest or two of their own.

      I'm trying to print nametags for all of the guests (our invited guests and their guests) in one shot.  What I would like to do is print the invited guest and their two guests in succession - so that ALL of the nametags come out as one print job.  The kicker is, we also have to use custom stock.  There's room for four nametags on a page.  (At most, in this case, we have three guest names per record.)  

      Is it possible to do this?  I've been playing with subsummaries and hoping that those would work - so far no luck.  I think that the position tab on Inspector can be helpful with the "remove blank space" options.  I just haven't figured out how to put it all together.  

      Any ideas?

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          Are you having trouble setting up the layout to print 4 labels per page or having trouble making sure each set of labels starts on a new page?

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            The problem I'm having is that I would like to print all three sets of fields (first name and last name) in the same report.  All in the same format.  I would also like to be able to print them so that the records immediately follow one another - with no gaps or wasted nametags.  Would screenshots be helpful?

            In our old databases (the ancient Filemaker 6...  We just got the office to agree to an upgrade) we would have to run three separate reports - one for each set of fields - and then coallate the nametags manually.  The idea here is to put a student and both of their parents (each student has their own record, and parents are listed under their student) in order to print all of the nametags at once and avoid collating later.

            I'm trying to wrap my mind around how to accomplish this, but so far am having no luck.

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              So you have one record, with up to 3 sets of name fields, Student, Parent1, Parent2. (And it's possible to have more than 2 parents these days with divorce and remarriage...)

              In the long run, you might be better off restructuring your data to put parent and student info in different related records from the same table. Not only does that make for easier nametag printing, it provides for greater flexibility in how many parents may attend with each student.

              Using your current setup, Is your stock such that your name tags need to print 4 to a page in two rows of two columns?

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                The stock is 4x11 inches, one column with four rows.

                I'm new to the world of structuring tables, so I would be interested to learn more about relating records in the same table.  (Maybe not in this instance, because due to space limitations at the venue we are asking each student to bring only two parents this time.)  Are you aware of any existing resources that deal specifically with this?

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                  The easiest thing would be to make one table for students, one for parents and use a temporary table to import all records from both tables.

                  Then you create a report based on this temp table with 2 columns and size it so that you get 2 body parts on one nametag height.

                  If you don't have that kind of structure now and your parents are in seperate fields on your Students table it would be easy to import this into the seperate tables and have it all correctly linked.

                  I'll try and make you a quick example.

                  To what version are you upgrading? Filemaker 12?

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                    We started out with Filemaker 6.  We recently purchased Filemaker 11 and finally got it installed.  (We had licenses sitting around for a while before we had time to learn to make the databases.)  About two weeks after we purchased 11, 12 was released.  It's unclear whether or not we will upgrade at this time or if we'll wait for a while.

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                      You don't need to upgrade to 12 right now, it doesn't have anything you need to do this.

                      I'm making a little demo in FM 11.

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                        This example is really simple and doesn't keep into account any selection. It just imports all students and all parents.

                        It is however possible to add finds to restrict the data that gets printed.


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                          I can't wait to try the example out!  Unfortunately, I cannot open the file and have to wait on someone with administrator rights to allow me to.  (Oh the joys of working with the IT department.)  For some reason with Windows 7, I have to open FileMaker and then hunt for my database.  When we were using FileMaker 6 with XP, this was not an issue.

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                            I've figured out how to use the portals correctly - but I can't find a way to import the parent and child records on to a nametag layout.  (I could probably set it up as a report, but we want all of the nametags to look identical.)

                            I've adapted what I learned from the database example provided, but I can't figure out the last part.  

                            And when try to add a new record, the new ones do not appear on the nametag layout.  (So lost.)

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                              Hey Katie,

                              Sorry for my late reply, I had gotten quite busy.

                              What's the problem exactly you are having importing the records into the new temp. table?

                              Here is what the script looks like:


                              What it does is pretty straightforward.

                              It goes to the temp table to delete all the records so that table is empty again.

                              Then it imports both the Students and the Parents tables into the same temp table.

                              Then it sorts according to Student ID so all Students and their parents are grouped together.

                              And that's it.

                              You make your nametags layout based on this temporary tabe that now contains all Students and Parents.

                              Let me know exactly where you are having problems.

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                                And when try to add a new record, the new ones do not appear on the nametag layout.  (So lost.)

                                Where do you create a new record? In the students or parents table?

                                Or in the temp table?

                                If you create new records in the students or parents tables you need to import them again in your temp table.

                                Your temp table will then be completely emptied and all records will be imported again, including newly added records.

                                Remember that we are moving data into a new, temp table, and that temp table only exists to be able to print our nametags nicely in the correct order. (Student and Parent together)

                                That temp table should always be emptied and refilled every time we want to print nametags. Just in case new records have been added.

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                                  I've played with it a bit more and I think I've figured it out (especially with the last two comments for guidance)!

                                  Thank you so much!  :)