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    Custom Menu Adds "Scripts" repeatedly to menu



      Custom Menu Adds "Scripts" repeatedly to menu


           I wanted to remove the hotkeys to delete and duplicate records. I made a custom menu and left everything alone except put no hotkey for those two menu items. Using FMPA11 I made it so my custom menu was the default menu for the file. Seems to work well. I did the same for a subsidary file. Now my menu is filled with 10 words "script" and then File and the other menu items, including more Scripts.

           What I think is happening is that each time a user selects one of the two files it adds another incident of Script to the menu.

           Is there a workaround for this bug? thanks

           It happens every time after restarting the computer.

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               I doubt that this is a bug. Something isn't set up correctly, but I can't tell from here.

               I've also configured a custom menu to not use those two two keys and have never seen such a result as you describe.

               It's also possible that your file is damaged. you might run a recover on it and see what results you get in the recovered file.