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    Custom menu sets


      Custom menu sets



           I have created my database with a single admin user. On all layouts< i have the standard filemaker menus on each layout, However, I want to add new basic users who will have a limited menu scheme that i have created. How do Set this up so that the menus adapt to the user? 

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               Hi Will

               firstly, and most importantly, you can only create Custom Menus in FMP Advanced, but of course you can use/call them in FMP...

               Once you have created a Custom Menu you can set up a script that runs on open, that Installs a Menu Set, depending on user name...

               However, unlike Go To Layout, you cannot (although I'm only using FMPA 11, so stand to be corrected) specify a calculation to load a Custom Menu Set, so setting Custom Menu Sets for a number of users would be a sequence of If statements, rather than a Case as below...

               [I use the attached screenshot to load particular layouts for particular users, using Go To Layout (Layout Name by calculation)]






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                 Thank you  - I do have FM12 adv. 

                 I have attempted to use the script (on opening DB) 


                 Install Custom Layout.

                 and also



                 Install Custom Layout.

                 BUt this only alters the opening window. How do I get it to alter all layouts? Does this mean each layout needs to have an "on opening" script trigger that will include the IF statements as you suggested?

                 Thank you for your help

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                   Your script will need to change from layout to layout and install the custom menu on each. The script can freeze the window and loop through all your layouts to do that.

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                     There I was hoping there might have been a quick way!

                     Thank you