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Custom menu sets in WebDirect

Question asked by rgnant_1 on Jul 7, 2015
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Custom menu sets in WebDirect


Our 200+ member organization is using WebDirect to good effect.  Most of the members need only view and print a single page.  No problem with WebDirect.  (Expanding the use to tablets in FM 14 was a big plus for us.)  A few Board members, though, need the ability to print multiple pages.  We are using Filemaker Remote App to do this.  

All members enter as "Guest" and have a very limited menu set. Then there is a button for the Board members to use that runs a short relogin  script to get an expanded menu set that allows them to print.  But, as soon  as the member goes to another layout, the expanded menu set goes away.  

Is there a way that the expanded menu set can "follow" the Board member wherever he goes, or do we need to put a button on each layout, or a script step when going to the layout?