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    Custom Menus



      Custom Menus


      I have a quick question that hopefully has a quick answer :)

          I'm making custom menus for my database, and was wondering if it is possible with FM to make a "Resume Script" button that appears only when a script is paused, so it is not displayed all the time. I'm using filemaker pro 10.

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             I was playing around with the idea of setting the button in a new layout by itself, and calling up a new window with that layout.  This seems rather cumbersome so if anyone can think of a better way around it would be appreciated, or I can just keep the button where it is on all my layouts.
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            Seem like you mean custom buttons not "custom menus" which have a specific meaning in FileMaker.


            Anyway, not sure what you are trying to achieve but in you are popping open a new window to display a report in preview mode, you can always set the button not to print.

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                 That is how i currently have the custom resume button set up, I say custom menu because outside of my admistrative account i don't need the secretary or dock workers to see the menus, so I made up my own set for new/delete/dup records, switching layouts, sorting, and resume script button.  It works fine the way it is, and the button doesn't show up on my prints, I was just trying to set the button up so it is only visible when the a script is paused on that layout.  While this is not really needed it is merely cosmetic, just one less button the end user would see until its needed.