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Custom Report Wizard

Question asked by IT_User on Apr 22, 2013


Custom Report Wizard




          I have a client that wants to easily extract/export data at the minimum from the database I have built for them.


          They do not want to come to me everytime they want a report, because there could be very many that would need to be made.

          Also, if there are additions to the database, like more tables needed, then there would be more reports needed.  (It also does not have to be pretty at all. Ex. Table View is fine, but they require information that is stored in other tables, and can't predict what those fields will be.)


          Does anyone know an easy way to accomplish this?

          The one person kept bringing up Access (Report Wizard) that could make simple reports, so I'm guessing a similar process would be preferable.

          The only thing I can think of is to train them the basics of how they can create their own report in FM, which would require them knowing structures of databases and how FM works. (Basically training them to be basic developers themselves in FM [use the Modify button in Table View], which I don't think is what they exactly signed up for.)


          Another method would be to create a blank layout with global fields, and have the user choose from a list what fields they want, but it sounds like a lot of effort.  Especially if information needs to come from more than one table occurence.


          Any help is appreciated! Thank you!