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    Custom Short Keys



      Custom Short Keys


           Hi all!

           is there a way to make customazibale short keys to run scripts?

           i would like the user to be able to enter what key they would like the hsort key to be and then what word would be placed in the field.


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               Can you describe that in more detail. How would they enter that key value?

               Why wouldn't they just enter the value directly into the field?

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                 one of the fields is a discription.

                 some frases could be long and used often

                 i would like the user to be able to enter in two different fields the short key they would like and the cooresponding frase to enter into the description field to speed up the entering of records.


                 if i enter "G" to the short key field and then enter "On stage Mannager's cue" in the frase field. whenever i enter a record i can click "command + G" and the frase "On stage mannager's cue" will enter into the description field.

                 does that help a bit more?

                 thank you

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                   Depending on the platform (Win Mac) there are third party keyboard shortcut managers. Depends on platform.

                   A Mac example of unknown usefulness  http://filemakerstandards.org/display/dt/Enhanced+Macintosh+Keyboard+Shortcuts

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                     can i use this to run scripts as well?

                     i have a script that goes through if statements to deside what to automatically enter when a new record is created.

                     this is triggereb by a button.

                     if i click commant + N it creates a new record but doesnt run my script.

                     can i change command + N to run my script instead of run filemaker's version?

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                       OnObjectKeystroke and OnLayoutKeystroke are script triggers that can be tripped by key down events. Get (TriggerKeystroke) and Get ( TriggerModifierKeys ) can then be used to identify which keys were pressed to trip the script trigger.

                       But many control-key combinations have built in functions that are intercepted before the event reaches the script trigger.

                       On the other hand, you could set up a value list of Descriptions as the first field and short keys as field 2 with values in Field 1 hidden.

                       Pressing a single letter such as "G" could then enter the associated phrase.

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                         can i edit the control-key combinations in filemaker pro advanced?

                         and can i have the script trigger on a control-key command instead of just one letter key?

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                           You cannot change the settings from FileMaker. What you can or can't do at the OS level, I don't know.

                           The script triggers are tripped by ANY keypress that you make except for a modifier key ( shift, alt, option, control..) pressed by itself, but your script can test to see what key--modifier keys combination tripped the trigger and Exit Script [False] can be used to keep the actual keydown event from being processed.

                           You may have better results using a different modifier key than control due to the OS pre-empting most key combinations.

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                                  is there a way to have a script run any time a new record is created?


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                               You can trigger a script when a record is committed. You should read up on these issues.

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                                 With FileMaker advanced, you can create your own script and put it in place of the usual new record menu option. This script will then be performed if the user selects New Record or if they press the keyboard shortcut for it.

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                                   yes thats exactly what i want! :) how do i do that?

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                                     1) acquire Filemaker Advanced if you do not already own a copy.

                                     2) use Manage | Custom Menus to create a new menu set where New Record performs a script that you have previously created for that purpose.

                                     3) Install that custom menu on each layout where you want this change in the standard interface to be in place.