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    Custom Sort Dialog?



      Custom Sort Dialog?


      I am developing a system for a company and realized that they will probably cower in fear when using the sort records dialog. the reason is that the field names are always the most descriptive to the client. "iventoryItemID_barcode" shouldn't really appear, and would look better as "Inventory ID".


      I'd love to create a custom dialog, but I don't think it would cover such variables as sort by more than 1 field, asc or desc.


      I guess the only other option I have is making the column heading in list view buttons that can sort asc, or desc.


      Any suggestions?



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          Steve Wright

          Making the column headings perform the sort is probably the best option, people expect this behaviour based on experiences in other programs.


          This is the way we do it, the button passes a parameter to a script, depending on which column was clicked, the script then contains multiple sort orders

          with multiple fields, so for instance  First name , Surname, Address1


          Clicking on Surname would sort by Surname then First name  then Address 1 etc

          Clicking on Firstname woudl sort by First name, Surname  then Address 1 etc


          Rather than just sorting based on the single selected field. 


          There is a plugin which also allowed you to alter the sort window : http://dracoventions.com/products/2empowerFM/suite/ui.php