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    Custom sort with a value list



      Custom sort with a value list



      I admit I am new to FileMaker and currently trying to "self-teach." We do have a consultant coming on board soon, but I am sure this is such an easy issue that I thought I could answer it before he got here.


      I am trying to create a script with a custom order based on a value list. I have 8 different values:










      However, when I do the sort, I want it to put Core and Prospector together and Kids and Uniform together, so that when I go to print mode those two categories are on the same page. I have tried a few different things, including:






      Is this even possible? Or do I need to do Sub-summaries perhaps? Or more than one sort? I know this is easy for those with experience, but the light bulb just isn't going on for me. Any ideas?

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          Thank you for your post.


          The custom order is based on the values in a value list.  If you have two different values, they cannot be grouped together through the traditional sense.  Instead, create another calculation field as follows:


          Case ( <field> = "Core" or <field> = "Prospector" ; "Core & Prospector" ;

             <field> = "Kids" or <field> = "Uniform" ; "Kids & Uniform" ;

             <field> )


          This checks to see if <field> equals either "Core" or "Prospector" and if so, then puts them into a group called "Core & Prospector".  Then, check for "Kids" or "Uniform", and if so, put them into a group named "Kids & Uniform" (or whatever you want to call it).  Otherwise, just use the field value.


          This should then get you the groupings you need.



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            Thank you so much for your response, you definitely got me on the right track. I tried the calculation you provided but it is asking for an operator in the "Core & Prospector" area. Can you help me with that? 


            Again, I apologize if this is a "dumb" question but I am really trying to teach myself this program with tutorials and books. That could take hours to solve the most simple of problems. I appreciate this forum and the knowledge of those who post here.


            Thanks again!

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              Scratch that, I believe I got that portion of the formula correct now. So I added that calculation field to my layout. Now, is it a script that I use to tell FileMaker to sort using that field? I am afraid I am not well versed in calculations so once I have made it I have no idea what to do with it! :smileywink:


              Have I mentioned how new I am at this :)



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                New update!!! I am happy to say I figured it out and it is working perfectly. Couldn't have done it without your help. For those who are just learning FileMaker and reading these posts...DON'T GIVE UP!!!


                Thans again TSGal, you saved the day!