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    Custom Sorting



      Custom Sorting


      I am a new user, went through the tutorials, but basically I have 8 seprate columns with different fields of data

      Description (1 column) has a lot of different  keywords regarding heath issues.

      Content Owner (2 colum) has the name of the person who's in video (content owner)

      I need to create a list of a speciffic health issue (knee pain) and filter out certain content owners.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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          Does column 1 have one keyword in each record or a list of keywords?

          To "filter out certain content owners", you can perform a find, either manually or via a script and either find certain records or omit certain records by specified criteria.

          In addition to performing a find, it's possible to use a relationship to match only to certain records or you can use ExecuteSQL to either list all the data in one large field or list all the primary keys and then use a relationship to show or find the needed records.

          So you have a number of options for producing what you describe here.

          You are welcome to provide a more detailed description of what you have and what you want.