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    Custom Sub-Menus ?



      Custom Sub-Menus ?


      I want to have a menu titled "Reports" and submenus of different kinds of reports with those reports in those submenus so that when I select the report, it opens ready to print.  Any suggestions?

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          Do you want this menu on the layout or part of the menus you see across the top of the screen? (Where you see Format, Records, Scripts, etc.)

          You can't setup a sub menu for value list formatted fields on the layout, though you can set up a conditional value list that has a similar function. 

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            You cannot create sub-menus in pop-up menus that are attached to the layout fields. You can have a plug-in that does this. If you have FM Advanced you can also redefine the applications menus; there you can add a menu of reports with all submenus you want.

            To me it seems somewhat difficult to print a report with just a single command. Most reports have options to configure, quite a few sometimes. I usually display a pop-up window that lists reports and their options and allows to either print or preview:

            Screenshot of a report selector

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              Without Filemaker Advanced, you can still create a folder named "Reports" in the scripts menu and place the individual "report" scripts inside it.

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                Thanks for your posts.  I actually figured out the whole custom menu and sub menu thing a little while after I submitted my post and it works just the way I wanted it to.  Thank you for responding so quickly.