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Custom validating script

Question asked by fmpro_novice on Jun 9, 2013
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Custom validating script


     Can someone show me a script that would require an area code IF a phone number is entered?

     The script should have a dialog box that says, "You must enter an area code if you have entered a phone number." if someone tries to exit without entering an area code.

     Then, two buttons in the dialog box if they fail to enter an area code and they have entered a phone number,

     1) OK  which, when clicked would go to the area code field so they could fill it in,

     2) DELETE  which would delete the phone number, and simply allow the user to continue from that point.

     I have used the FM field Validation but I don't like the options of REVERT, YES or NO. I need to be very specific with my dialog box and if the user does not enter an area code, the phone number must be deleted.