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Customer Access Restriction

Question asked by HansenBow on Aug 6, 2011
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Customer Access Restriction


Hi, I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced, and I would like customers to directly enter information into a form that links to my database. However, I do not want the customer to be able to see what other customers have entered or to modify what those other customers have entered.

I have tried a couple approaches. I created a script that makes the status area go away, but there is still a button that can make it come back. I have also attempted to restrict access through "edit privilege set" by modifying custom privileges in the "records" section. However if I take away the customer's ability to view records, the customer cannot create a new record or edit it.

Does anyone use FileMaker Pro to enable customers to enter information directly? How can customer access be restricted so that they can create a new record but not be able to see records that already exist?