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Customer and Inventory Solution

Question asked by EricaSmith on Nov 6, 2012
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Customer and Inventory Solution


     Hi everyone,

     I am very new to filemaker so please excuse anything that sounds crazy....

     Before I begin trying to completly learn this program I want to make sure it will do the things I need from a database.

     I have multiple products that are tracked by multiple batch #'s (this is our lot code which tells us the manufacture date.
     Also lets say there are 240 pails that have one batch # and they may be stored in multiple locations in the warehouse.

     Then we have multiple customers that purchase multiple products.

     I want to have a solution that I can see each product with details then maybe have a tab that shows the quantity of batch #'s and warehouse location for that product in stock.

     Then we need to be able to on the Customer side be able to have a list of each product they use and a monthly usage for reordering purposes. We also need the monthly usage to grand total on each product min/max reorder levels. This calculation for reorder would come from multiple customers.

     There are other needs as well but I think if i know Filemaker is capible of these things It will work for me.

     I hope my message makes some sort of sense...

     Thank you