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    Customer Contact Setup Question



      Customer Contact Setup Question


      I am migrating from a flat database to FMP9 and have ~5000 contacts, half of which represent couples.  Often just 1 of these 2 purchase our service.  Up until now, we have had no tangible way to track these instances, other than handwritten notes.


      If I split the contact into two separate, I have duplicate addresses/phone all over the place.  If I don't split I am not sure how to tie the product or service to only 1 part of a contact that represents two separate people.


      OR is there a better way - since I don't want to send 2 invoices if both are together, or when we do bulk mailings.

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          Thank you for your post.


          It sounds like you are having difficulty connecting your contacts together.  You will need some kind of "key" field to link them together.


          With that key field, you can then use it with your Product/Services table.  Therefore, the product/service for one customer will show up for the spouse or other person that makes the couple.  Does that make sense?


          Let me know what you have tried, and we'll work from there.



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            My intent is to have these tables all related in one to many relationships.




            LINE ITEMS





            Our customers make a deposit with their reservation, and the balance is due XX days before the tour departs.  


            For example, Bob and Judy Jones want to sign up for Tour A, and Judy also wants to sign up for Tour B.  The due dates for these tours may be months apart - so the payments will be also.  I am not so concerned who receives/pays the invoice as who is going on the tour for reporting purposes both before and after departure.


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              Thanks for the clarification.


              Those customers, who are a couple, will probably have the same FamilyID number.  Correct?


              If they book a tour, you need to assign the FamilyID number to that tour.


              The Invoices needs to reflect a specific tour, so you would probably have a TourID linking together.  The payments would match up to the InvoiceID.


              From your Customers file, you could determine what tours have been booked, what payments have been assigned to each tour, and what balance is remaining.  Using the Current Date, you can see how many days are remaining until the tour departs, and therefore determine if paid or not.


              Does this help?  If not, what problems are you encountering?



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                Thanks for all your help. 


                I was assigning customerID to my records rather than grouping by family.  How would I go about selecting only one of the 2 names within a familyID scenario?  All the tutorials and books I look through seem to point to one name per contactID.  Up until now, I have simply entered a number 1 or 2 in the tour field, which calculated the cost, and balance due etc.  That has not allowed me to have an accurate picture of who was actually going on a tour (when 1 is selected for two names).


                I know FM9 can do what I want, and even way more than I can even think of, I just want to make sure I get this right right off the bat so I don't have a mess to clean up later, and I can't visualize how to make one record represent 2 people and how that will work when I am posting payments.  







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                  You have Customers

                  They may be single

                  They may be partnered

                  The partner may or may not be a customer

                  If the majority of partners are customers, I would make a record for each and include a FamilyID to relate family members.

                  If the majority of partners are NOT customers, but MAY become customers

                  I would have partner info on the record with a script and button that would create a new Customer from the Partner Data including FamilyID to relate members.


                  Just a thought. 

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                       Had a similar problem with my religious institution - we really want to link partners together so that when a list is made, both names get on the same address.  Yet when a list of committee members is pulled up, you dont' want the partner's name hanging around - they aren't involved.

                    So I made a single list of everyone, individually.  Included a FamilyID, which was the same for each member of a partnership, and an individualID, for each person. Then I do a display, for whatever I need.  If I want the partners, there is a self-join link that shows the parnter (or nothing if that is the case).  Only drawback:  A list of everyone gets partnered people down twice - once as first name, once as second.

                    In your case I'm not sure if you need the partner linked to the tour - if they didn't go on it.  But for promotional material, or background info if they _do_ go together, it would be good.

                    OK, we have a list of everyone, with the ID's.  Then a list of tours, with a portal containing names, by individualID.  If the person has a partner, the portal also includes that name as well.

                    Make any sense?