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Customer list in portal on self joined table

Question asked by Stu412 on May 27, 2015
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Customer list in portal on self joined table


I'm trying to add a small feature to my DB - a customer list which parks at the side of the main customer details screen.  The main layout is running on table Customers, the customer list portal running on Customers_List which the join being made on PKID between the two, with a cartesian join.

I want to have a 'click to related record' routine so you can find another customer on the list and click to them.  I've managed to get this working elsewhere in the DB where normal joins to foreign tables exist, but in this case nothing happens.

I have a script trigger which fires on entry to the portal record which should take you to the related record. 

Goto related record from [CustomerListPortalTable] based on the view [MainCustomerDetailsTable].

Thanks in advance