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Customer Relationship confusion

Question asked by tkenmeoff2 on Apr 12, 2010
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Customer Relationship confusion


I've been working on setting up my database and can not figure out how to list the tables and make the connections when I have several different types of customers and a customer may have several different layers of customers.  Database Topic is tracking vehicles


Example would be my main customer may be a dealership who has no ownership in the vehicle but who is hiring me and who I will bill for the work.

Then if my customer is a dealership I now need to create a record for the owner of the vehicle who could be a company or an individual.

Now the owner who I've identified as a company is a leasing company and they lease it to another company or individual.

I have also identified the lessee as a company who now has an operator of the vehicle who is a individual.


As you can see, this particular example has 4 levels of a customer related to one vehicle.  I originally set it up with 4 customer tables, but I can see getting confused later trying to find a record for a company - which table to I search in.


I would appreciate any help I can get understanding how all these possible senarios work together and how to relate them.