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    Customer Sub Accounts



      Customer Sub Accounts


      I have a database to track customers. There are 2 types of customers a regular customer and resellers. Regular customers are dealt with directly but the resellers have their own group of customers (in other words a sub account). For the resellers account, in a form layout, I want to have a portal that would show all of that resellers customers. My question is do all of the customers go into one table or do I create a separate table for the resellers customers?

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          Are the resellers customers different from the regular customers? In other words, can a regular customer also be a reseller's customer, and can a customer change from regular to reseller?

          Seems like the easiest would be a separate table for resellers customers.  But, what else does this database do?  Are you tracking interactions, sales, etc.?  What kind of reports do you need to generate?

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            The only difference between a regular customer and a re-seller is that the re-sellers have sub customers and regular do not have sub customers. From a billing perspective if you are a regular customer you get a bill, for re-sellers they get one bill for all of their sub customers.

            I am using this DB to Track customer activity, trends, billing details for a very complicated Billing system so that it can be eventually be simplify. I started it in a spread sheet but it has quickly outgrown it.

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              If the data recorded for the customers that you bill and the data that you record for the re-seller's customers is mostly the same, I'd use a single table and set up a self join (a relationship linking two Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of the same table) to link a re-seller to their customers.