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Customers with Multiple Contacts

Question asked by RicHarding on Jun 9, 2013
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Customers with Multiple Contacts


     Appologies I am a newbie to FM but have been asked to create a database for someone.


     In short part of the database requires a customers section and each customer may have multiple contacts for billing purposes etc.  I have created 2 tables (Company and Contacts) and set a relationship in the attached image.

     I have created a form with a drop down list to select the customers - This is just a value list using COMPANY ID and Company Name from the Company table and only displaying the value from the 2nd field (Company Name).

     The problem is that in the form i can select the company name which displays all companies using the value list fine.  However once a company is selected it shows the COMPANY ID value, not the Company Name.


     Any ideas to ensure that once selected it will show the Company Name and not the CUSTOMER ID?