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Customise Google Maps in FileMaker Pro

Question asked by GarethPerry on Jan 29, 2011
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Customise Google Maps in FileMaker Pro



I am new to filemaker and wondering if  anyone in this community will help me with my problem.

In my database I have set up a google map that uses the address information placed in specific fields. Below is the code:

"" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ People::Address1 & "," & /*Address=*/ People::Address2 & "," & /*City=*/ People::City & "," & /*Postal Code=*/ People::Postal_Code & "," & /*Country=*/ People::Country

However, I wish to get rid of everything but the map and the locator. What do I need to add to my code to get rid of all that unnecessary information?

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P.S sorry for my spelling