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Customise Pie Chart Colours in Filemaker

Question asked by bootht on Apr 1, 2014
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Customise Pie Chart Colours in Filemaker


     Hi, Please can anyone help.

     I have created a pupil tracking database using Filemaker 13 that tracks the progress of every pupil in school against every subject they take. I have used conditional formatting (with traffic light colours to match) to disply if each pupil is either :

  •           Below Expected Progress (Changes box to Red)
  •           Making Expected Progress (Changes box to Amber)
  •           Above Expected Progress (Changes box to Green)

     This works great, but when I create a pie chart to show the progress of a group, I need the conditional formatting colours to mirror the colours on the pie chart, but I can only choose the set 'template' colours in filemaker. I cannot seem to customise them to my needs.

     Please can anyone help me with script or a plug-in or is it just not possiple yet.

     Thanks a lot

     Tom Booth