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    Customised Help Menu



      Customised Help Menu




      I am preparing a program to be supplied as a runtime. The Help menu only has an "about" section. I need to write and add a help menu / FAQ. 


      1. Can the HELP menu be added to the Help menu at the top or does it have to be acessed off a created button ?


      2. Can anyone recommend a program for easily creating help menu's with search facility. ( I have Corel Draw, Ms Word, Serif web plus - if any of those help)


      I am using 10 adv. on windows .



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          Steve Wright

          I use a program called Help and Manual.. .great bit of kit... which allows windows help files, PDF's and website help files to be created with a very easy to use interface  (saved me literally hours of work)



          I then customised the help menu to run a script which opens my help file

          Leaving the default action in place (circled below) retains the functionality of the F1 key except it now runs my own script.


          Taking it further, the script which opens my help file, checks the layout its on and opens the help file to the relevant pages

          by sending parameters using Send Event... if you want to know about this part just ask Ill post what I did.


          So basically, I now have F1 based context sensitive help.



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            Thanks for that.


            Having a look at their web site, they charge $349 for the Standard option - is that a fair price ?  They also have a Screen Capture program. Have you by any chance tried it ? Is it any good ?  I have been trying Jet ScreenSHot, which I am not impressed with.

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              Steve Wright

              Help and Manual includes a screenshot utility (no extra software needed)  The other one they offer just gives some fancy effects.


              Is it worth it..  I would say so yes... Best $349 we have spent in a long time...



              It lets you categorise a help system, take screenshots and insert them directly (no messing around looking through folders etc)

              Its all integrated... it makes it easy to do...  Try the demo well worth a look.





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                   Excellent. Thanks that sounds exactly what I am looking for.