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customising Drop down Lists

Question asked by Adrian99 on May 22, 2009
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customising Drop down Lists




I want to find out if there is any way of customising drop down lists.  Basically I have drop down lists that have magazine titles on them - these lists are getting pretty long to scroll through.  I get frustrated that I can do so little with these drop down lists beyond bracketing them into groups and being able to add a separator line - I would like to be able to change font/colour/bold etc.  I find this a limitation on many of filemaker's lists, like the layout menu list - in most situations on the computer we are used to being able to move through hierarchies of sub-categories, a side arrow leads us to a further drop down, but this doesn't really seem to feature in filemaker ?  Are these things available on the Advanced Filemaker ? - since there is no trial version of this I can't check it out.   Any insights or tips are appreciated.

many thanks