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customising the event management database - help!

Question asked by TomBaker on Jan 15, 2014
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customising the event management database - help!


     Hi there,

     I'm totally new to filemaker and struggling to get my head around all the relationships / fields connections etc.

     I work in events and want to create an easy way of putting together info sheets on each upcoming event. We use maybe 20-30 different venues for all our events, so I wanted to create a contacts database with each venue and it's address/manager contact/telephone number/email and other info such as parking, which would then automatically be filled in on the event bit by just typing in the name of the venue.

     Also is there a way to edit what appears on the event report that you can print, and how it is arranged? I'm looking to get the event details, venue info, contributors contact details and agenda all on one document.

     Sorry if this is all really easy stuff, just can't seem to understand the relationships well enough to apply them to my problem!