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customization work needed please

Question asked by JonNPOHelp on Jan 31, 2011


customization work needed please


Hi, I'm working with an NPO that just recently purchased FileMaker Pro 11. I myself am not familiar with the program and am looking for some customization help on a Donations template (

This NPO is stretched out at the moment with resources so I am willing to pay for any work done if we can agree on a price.

This is what they need specifically:

-A print option for every donation. This will enable them to print a receipt to send out to the individual / organization that gave.

-A print option for yearly donations. This option will need to print an individual sum for every donor for the year.

-They need each donation to be categorized into separate account numbers. Example: Someone gives to their general mission fund. This amount is recorded under the person's name with the check number and account number one for "General Mission Fund." Their staff each have their own account numbers for the same purposes, segregating where the donations go.

If you have any specific questions please let me know as soon as possible ( I won't be on this mission much longer (this was a short term trip for me) so I would need the customized Donation template by February 3rd at the latest.

I look forward to hearing from you!