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    customized reports



      customized reports




        I have a database of studies and their principal investigators (and much more information).  I also have 3 tables linked to each study by a protocol number that is unique to that study.  I would like to be able to generate a report by principal investigator. So, for instance, I want to have the same type of report with the same fields, but just limited to that principal investigator.  is there a way to do this without writing a script for each PI (there are over 20 and new ones get added all the time).  Can I create a button that will allow me to specify the principal investigator and then create the report?


      thanks so much 

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             How does the principal investor and the study link?  Do you have a table of studies and each record has the field principal investor?  Or are the two seperate tables connected by a key, if so what is the relationship?
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               I have a list of studies, each of which has a principal investigator.  One principal investigator may have multiple studies, but one study cannot have more than one principal investigator and they are in the same table.
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              First, you really should have the investigator info in its own table. The studies table can should have a foreign key that references the investigator.


              Second, all you have to do is basically create one report. Then if you want it for a specific investigator, all you would have to do is perform a find for that investigator (ID) in the the studies table. Thje report should always reflect your found set.