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Customizing Button Functions

Question asked by CarolineFraissinet on Mar 21, 2014
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Customizing Button Functions



     I am very new to Filemaker Pro, so forgive me if this question may have been answered here already/if my terminology is off.

     I am building a database that catalogs where individual files are on a server.  There are many different folders, so not all of the data is going to be in the same place -- thus, the button can't universally go to the same location.  Ideally, I want to make buttons that, if you click on them, take the user to the main folder where the files can be found on the server (ex. "Clip 1" is in "Folder 1," so it would take you there, but say "Clip 2" is in "Folder 2" -- I'd want it to take the user to Folder 2 rather than Folder 1 for that particular record).

     I was able to make a button that will take the user to the folder on the server using "Link to URL," but the problem is that it is global.  I am not sure how to designate individual information (ex. pull the folder where 5 files are located up as one location, then be able to change the location for the next set of data which is located in another area), as I am not all that familiar with script actions/parameters. 

     Would anyone know what I would have to do to be able to make the link specific to a certain defined amount of data?  I am guessing a script function may help, but again, I'm not sure of what specific script actions/parameters lead to.

     Please let me know.  I hope that made sense.