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    Customizing layouts



      Customizing layouts


      I am trying to separate my contacts into different categories based on what type of contact they are. I want to be able to search for all of one type of contact at a time. Example, if I have some clients that are a part of the racing industry, and some clients that are part of the film industry, I want to be able to differentiate between the two somewhere in the top fields as opposed to just writing it in the notes. Is there a way to change for instance, the "Instant Message" field to "Category", and then change that in the "related" search fields so I'm able to pull up all contacts with that particular category?

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             It seems as though you using some kind of template. You can modify or add feilds with a Full Access account.
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            I have a full access account, but I'm still having trouble figuring out how to customize the search fields so I can search by category. I have replaced the Instant Message field with "category". Now I want to be able to pull up related contact entries by "category". I am able to pull them up by name, company, or city. I want to change city to "category", and then have the search pull up contacts by that search info. I am unable to change the radio button to anything other than what is already there. Do you have specific tips on how to do that?

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              I am new here too, but I have been playing with this concept.  Have you tried changing your relationships so that a global field will set the context?  I think these are called "squids" or "Anchor and buoy" TOG's (Table Occurrence Groups).  Basically you recreate your relationships with the key table that sets the context at the head.  Within this table create a new Primary Key.  Set it to number and set it to a "global" setting.  Then set it as a member of a value list of all the primary keys of that table (the original primary key).  Then copy all other TO's that are related to this table but rather then linking them to the primary key link them to the new global field.  Connect a new layout to this new TOG.  Add the global field as a drop down box.  From there select the primary key that defines all others (ie your key category let's say) and this global field will then rule all other relationships and bring up only related information.


              I'm fairly new so maybe someone else can explain it better then I can, but I think the idea of a global field and new TOG may get you going.  There is an excellent write up of how to do this in "The Missing Manual".  Hope this gets you going in a direction that is helpful.  If not kindly disregard.



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                "I am unable to change the radio button to anything other than what is already there. "

                The radio button options are specified in a value list.

                You can find the name of the value list by double clicking the field when in Layout mode.

                You can modify these values by selecting Manage | Value Lists...

                Find the value list that is used for the given radio button formatted field and edit the values. Keep in mind that if this value list is used in other layouts, they will also be changed on those layouts once you edit the values.