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Customizing Menus

Question asked by schmity on Oct 4, 2013
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Customizing Menus


     I am trying to create a custom menu that I can apply to one layout only. For certain users, the database opens with 2 windows that show 2 different layouts.  The second layout is basically read only and is running an ontimer script (within that layout) to perform a find every 30 seconds. 


     Is there a way to remove the gray menu bar at the top of that window only by making a custom menu? (Where it shows record 1/X, the arrows to switch between records, new record, delete record, etc.....)

     I would like it to be just a white window displaying the found items in list view.   

     I am running advanced and have looked around in the custom menu but didn't see anything.  I don't want to get rid of the file, edit, view, etc at the top of the program itself, just everything within a certain window....if it is even possible.