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    Customizing Templates



      Customizing Templates


      I like the existing Contact Management Template however I need to add more fields. 

      I created another tab (next to Web and Map).  I inserted fields into the new tab.

      When I exited the layout and attempted to insert data it says "unrelated table".

      And a box pops up "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table".

      Can anyone help?  Do I have to 'create a relationship' to the original "Contact Management" table?

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          Or perhaps just define the fields as part of the contact management table. It depends on what you need to do with this data. Describe what you are doing in more detail and we can take a stab at helping you figure out the best option.

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            That's really about all I am comfortable sharing.  I travel globally and need a bit more information than what is available in Contact Management.  I tried 'creating' the database from scratch and I am successful in creating the tables/fields but I don't like how it looks.  I think you've given me the right fix for the moment and as I get accustomed to the functionality I might figure it out.  Thanks!

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              You can copy and paste layout objects onto another layout in another database and then change titles, descriptions, fields, arrangements etc.

              This is a sharing, helping community. People help because they want to and can only help as much as you help them help you. Not giving specifics is like asking for directions without saying where it is you want to go to...