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    Customizing the Registration template



      Customizing the Registration template


      I'am customizing the Registration template form FM 9.

      The problem is simple. I want to make a button on a row in the registrations portal on the event form layout, that shows that contact in the contact form layout.

      I thought I could use "Go to Related Record", but I think the default relations between the tables doesn't fit for this.

      Can anyone help?

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          Go to Related Record can be made to do this, but you'll need to study the Relationship Graph in Manage | Database | Relationships to figure out whether there is an existing relationship you can use or whether you need to add a new relationship in order for this to work.

          One detail that can save you a lot of effort: the boxes in this graph are called "table occurrences". When you set up your GTRR script step, you select one of thes as your "from" table and it should represent a table occurrence that has a clear link to the table occurrence of your portal. (The portal's table occurrence is listed in "Show Records From" in the portal setup... dialog for this portal.) Once you have selected (or created and then selected) a table occurrence that works for your portal's point of reference, you can specify any layout in your file that is based on the same data-source table even if the layout refers to a different table occurrence name in Layout setup...

          You can determine a Table Occurrence's data source table by either hovering the mouse over the arrow in its upper right corner or by double clicking it. (I find that color coding table occurrences so that all occurrences of the same table are the same color is very helpful.)

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            Thank you very much for the help. It worked.

            Problems often seems so simple when solved.

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              is there any way that i can import file csv contacts for registration templates in specific event in a current portal records??