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Customizing the Window pulldown menu

Question asked by mattb on Mar 22, 2010
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Customizing the Window pulldown menu


I'm using FMP 10v3 for OSX.  I would love to be able to re-use FMP's Window pulldown menu for the purpose of allowing users

to click on the available window list at the bottom of this menu, in order to bring active background windows to the foreground, BUT

would need to disable or remove all of the the rest of the choices the Window pulldown gives you:  New Window, Show Window etc. 

In the Custom Menus screen, the Window pulldown menu shows up with a bracket [Window], which means the individual menu items are

not editable or available for removal. there any way of accomplishing what I want to do here?  Maybe with version 11?  Would I have to use a 3rd party plugin product

in order to dim out system menu items?




Matt Bloomfield